The Dire Reaction – signed paperback copy with NSFW art


Signed copy of The Dire Reaction with NSFW art

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This is for a signed paperback copy

Also included will be NSFW Art (by me)


As a veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Michelson was excited to be involved with a new genetic therapy designed to help fight a common pet ailment. She even knew the perfect canine to enroll in the treatment, one belonging to the tall blond cowboy, Sam Downing.

Little did she know, while things were heating up between them, the world itself was transforming.

The cure turned into a curse, and created an army of monsters that thrive on pure chaos and destruction. The worst of them all, was someone they both knew.

Now, they must find allies to fight back against the onslaught of carnal evil that threatens to overtake them.

Will Dani and Sam survive the monstrous terror that is overrunning their city? Or will the hordes of ravenous creatures consume everything, and everyone, in their path?

This is a super spicy first person, three POV horror romance that pushes the line between man and monster. It will take you on a roller coaster of emotions as you delve into the darkening world of what could happen with a virus gone wrong.

*Please note this portrays dark themes and has incredibly graphic scenes that may be shocking or disturbing for some readers
– for a complete list of potential triggers, please visit the author’s trigger list