Curse of the Mourning Ring – Signed Paperback with NSFW Art


Curse of the Mourning Ring. Will love cross any barrier, even death?

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This is for a signed copy of Curse of the Mourning Ring by M.A. Cobb

Also includes a NSFW Art card (by me)

Alice, a reclusive author, has spent her life hiding behind her computer and only writing about love. But her hopes soon falter as she stumbles upon a little wooden box beneath the twisted roots of a fallen oak tree. Inside she finds a long forgotten heirloom.

A ring bound to a fierce man who had died a hundred years ago.

A ring that pulls his dark, tortured soul to her.

She can hear him.

She can feel him.

But can she love him?

Henry’s life ended in betrayal. An oath he swears upon his father’s ring holds him back from eternal peace, tethering his spirit to this plane.

He moves amongst the living, unseen and intangible.

A man out of time, out of touch.

There is only one thing in his grasp.

There is only her. She is his everything.

Will he win her love, or is he destined to linger in her shadow eternally?


*Please note this portrays dark themes and has incredibly graphic scenes that may be shocking or disturbing for some readers

– for a complete list of potential triggers, please visit the trigger warning page